Carpets in Warlingham | Key Points to Consider When Buying a Carpet

Whether you opt for carpet or vinyl flooring, new flooring can have a massive effect on you home. From improving visual appeal to maximising comfort, as carpet suppliers we provide all kinds of benefits for our customers in Warlingham, Caterham and the surrounding areas. But to get the desired result it is important to choose the right carpet for your home and needs. Luckily, with many years of experience, our carpet shop offers expert advice and supplies a range of cheap carpets to meet all kinds of requirements.

Before buying a carpet in Warlingham, consider the following points to ensure you choose the best option:


When undertaking any kind of home improvement, it is important to set a budget. When it comes to carpets, this helps you shortlist carpet suppliers as well as making sure you choose an option you can afford.

However, you should never opt for a low-quality carpet just to save a bit of money. Cut Price Carpets specialises in high-quality cheap carpets which offer desirable characteristics and a long lifespan at a price that is affordable for all our Warlingham customers.

The Room

One of the main points to consider when choosing new flooring is the room which it is going in, as this will influence colour, style and grade. You may also decide that other options, such as vinyl flooring, are more suitable for certain spaces, such as entryways and dining rooms.

Colour & Style

A great benefit of carpet shops is that you can view and touch different colours and styles to really find what you like. However, just because you like certain carpets in the showroom does not mean they will work well in your house. You need to think about your home décor, such as paint colours and furniture, and how you use your home in Warlingham.

For example, if placing carpet in a heavily used room or area, it’s best to choose darker colours because these require less maintenance to keep them looking their best. Our carpet suppliers are always happy to advise on colours and styles.

Square Footage

When buying carpet in Warlingham and the surrounding areas, people often end up spending more than they planned because they incorrectly measure their space, head to the carpet shop and buy the wrong amount. Consequently, before choosing and buying a carpet, it is vital to ensure you have the correct square footage to avoid unexpected costs.

However, it can be difficult to calculate the footage you need because you need to account for each room, the direction of carpet pile and the width of the carpet. With over 40 years of combined experience, our carpet suppliers accurately measure your space for cheap carpets as well as vinyl flooring.

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